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Fitness – My Story (Pt. 1)

hand weights

Last night I had an opportunity to be on Mamavation TV. I feel I don't do well on camera (yes, Bootcamp was way out of my comfort zone) or when put on the spot with questions and responses. I was just there to be a support and didn't realize I would be called on to give any more than my opinion on … [Continue reading]

Mamavation Monday – Getting Back To Fitness

Mamavation Monday

This Mamavation Monday is a perfect time to jump back into blogging. I know I have been MIA on the blog for a few months now. It isn't because I have given up. It is just been really hard to keep a writing schedule/routine with school out. I have struggled to get to the gym, and I have struggled to … [Continue reading]

A few things I have learned from losing over 100lbs

It May Not be EasyIt is Definitely Worth

It is still quite unusual for me to think about having lost over 100lbs. It is like a huge barrier that I have finally cleared, but I can't think how … [Continue reading]

Finding Your Rhythm?

more calm less stress

When I first started thinking about this post, I had so many different thoughts and ideas that I wasn't sure how I was going to tie them all together. … [Continue reading]

Mamavation Bootcamp Journey

Mamavation Monday

Well the Mamavation Bootcamp Campaign ended last week. It was 8 weeks of exercise plans, diet plans, and massive information leading to a detox from … [Continue reading]

The Color Run 2014

color run discountcode

I am so excited to share this with you! Last year, several of my friends got to participate in The Color Run, and it looked like a blast. Everyone was … [Continue reading]

Apricot & Blueberry Ancient Grain Porridge

ancient grain porridge

Well, I know it isn't Monday, and I am way late getting this post up for the Mamavation Blogging Carnival, but I still wanted to share my recipe with … [Continue reading]

Tips for Success

Apple and measuring tape

Well today is a big day and I am trying to keep my mind busy and hurry it along to the fun part tonight. Since they posted this blog topic I have been … [Continue reading]

Bootcamp Finalist!


I am so excited to be a Mamavation Bootcamp Finalist. What does that mean? Well, it means I still have a chance at one of the three spots for … [Continue reading]

Gym Time

GymTime small

January has arrived and with it comes everyone wanting to lose weight and get in shape for the new year pouring into the gym. This includes all the … [Continue reading]